We have a WINNER!

On behalf of everyone at the Woodsend Community Board, I am proud to announce the winner of the Maryfield Fair’s 2013 Super Squash contest…

Congratulations Jeffrey Dorsey, whose prize pumpkin came in first place on Saturday at a whopping 2,506 pounds!

NEW RECORD: 2,506 lbs.

Jeffrey Dorsey is the owner of the Dorsey Ranch Equestrian Training Center and a long-time resident of the quaint village of Red Oak, Whitetail County. The colossal gourd, which he has aptly nicknamed “Munch” in anticipation for this upcoming Halloween, took first place on Saturday at the Maryfield Fair after a growing time of 7 months. His $5000 prize was generously donated to the Woodsend General Medical Center while a gleaming trophy sits proud on his mantlepiece.

We wish Jeffrey all the best with his agricultural hobby and hope he returns next year to wow us again with another monster squash!